Edwin Morgan & The Fortean Society

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Looking through Edwin Morgan’s series of 16 Scrapbooks, it is apparent that he had a keen eye for unusual news stories. The cuttings include reports of UFO, ghost and Loch Ness Monster sightings as well as quirky tales of all kinds. For example, Scrapbook 9 includes stories about a man growing a horn out of his arm, a brutal wrestling match where men kick each other in the shins with clogs, an unusual blue moon seen over Glasgow and a toad reportedly living inside a block of chalk for over 30 years.

Across the Scrapbooks, Morgan also presents handwritten accounts of uncanny events from his own experience, such as striking dreams and strange coincidences. He was a member of the Fortean Society, which was dedicated to exploring all kinds of strange phenomena. Cuttings from their periodical Doubt can be found in the Scrapbooks, with the magazine’s font and shiny white paper easy…

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