Carlos Zanón (1966) is a criminal lawyer, poet, literary critic and a lover of rock music. He has written and published poetry since the eighties, although he has also ventured into the world of the crime novels. Curiously, he said that he was never  aware of  writing noir fiction, only stories about  losers  and disenchanted. And although comparisons are odious, in Spain, this author has been compared by the literary press with the prolific writer Jim Thompson because his books are also populated by losers, profiteers and sociopaths. One of his novels is  “Tarde, mal y nunca” (Later, evil and never). It has not been translated into English, anyway its argument is universal because there are alcohol, drugs, frustration and murders everywhere on the planet. The story takes place in Barcelona, but not in the city known to tourists. The author takes the reader to the suburbs where unemployment, the economic crisis, rising immigration and unscrupulousness coexist with the main characters: Epi, Álex and Tiffany, two brothers and a woman, who forming an unequal human scale whose only point in common is the survival. And if all this is added such a strong pace as rock and addictive as nicotine, you can not deny that is a good and interesting reading to recommend.  


Epi murders his friend Tanveer Hussein , who is now dating with Tiffany, his ex-girlfriend . From this moment the murderer ‘s priority will be contacting her in order to tell the real reason for his crime. At the same time Epi’s brother begins a quest to find him before they do the police. In this search the main characters will discover things that they would have liked not knowing.


Book: Tarde, mal y nunca,  by Carlos Zanón

Genre: Noir fiction

Publisher: RBA (Spain)