Jack Kerouac, Middle-Aged Woman?

the literate lens

Kerouac_portraitImagine Jack Kerouac as a pretty, middle-aged woman. Can you do it? Is your brain boiling and steam coming out of your ears yet? Given Kerouac’s much-documented sexism and position as America’s beloved literary bad boy, the idea of hearing his words come out of a mature woman’s mouth might seem a stretch. But that’s exactly what you’ll experience if you head to the Center for Photography at Woodstock for Adie Russell’s unexpectedly charming exhibition, I Am (Richard Nixon).

Russell, a multi-media artist, is a bit of a reverse Cindy Sherman. Rather than morphing into different female characters, she has chosen to remain happily herself while lip-synching to found audio of interviews with iconic men of the 1950s, 60s and 70s (in addition to Kerouac they include Marlon Brando, Ingmar Bergman and Richard Nixon). Their words literally come out of her mouth, or that’s the illusion, which is sustained…

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