The Rustling of Rice Sheets

Nobody can deny that in recent years the ecological chaos has become the king of the Earth, because of unscrupulous rulers. But, in spite of everything, there will always be someone who hopes to enjoy the sun’s rays, even if for the last time..

Ballad of Forgotten Places

My most beautiful hiding places, places that best fit my soul’s deepest colors, are made of all that others forgot. They are solitary sites hollowed out in the grass’s caress, in a shadow of wings, in a passing song; regions whose limits swirl with the ghostly carriages that transport the mist in the dawn, and…


  Whether forty thousand children succumb every day in the purgatory of hunger and thirst whether the torture of poor bodies debases one by one to the souls


This afternoon it is raining, as never before; and I have no desire to live, my heart.